Virtue Smirtue

For some reason the word “patience” has been popping up a lot lately (well in my life it has). Is someone trying to tell me something? When God created the person right before me, he then broke the patience mold because I got none. I do have a question…is patience hereditary? They say patience is a virtue, I say you lucked out in life if you have any. I think because I get bored very easily, that has something to do with it. When a traffic light is red I look around in my car for something to do. If you are content with doing nothing then I would have to assume you would be patient. I also think if you have many gripes (as I do, seen on my Gripe tab) it means you lack patience. My main gripe is stupid/oblivious people which I have no patience for so that’s where the two meld together.

I would think at my age it is hopeless…I do not have the patience now to learn how to be patient. I am the worst patient in a waiting room; there have been times where I was fit to be tied because of waiting time! I think I will just have to continue on in life with the motto “hate to wait”. But…and there is a but; Obama has asked for patience and I think I can force a tad out for him.

If you have the patience, watch this 2 minute clip of Elaine from Seinfeld who is stuck on a subway and is waiting for it to start up. This is me to the tee!!!!!