Salon Stories

I would have to assume someone out there has a blog on things that happen in a salon…mainly the nail salons!

My story today – As I relax getting my pedicure (I would say I am pleased 65% of the time on my service) I observe something that amazed me. It’s usually what happens AROUND me that makes me uneasy (is there some kind of psychology name for that)? A woman was sitting in her chair getting a pedicure while another woman stood behind her massaging her neck. First the pedicurist and massager were chatting away in another language…I’m sorry but I would not be able to relax with that, first with the noise and second wondering what they were talking about. THEN, the massager started talking on her cell phone with one hand and rubbing with the other…c’mon! And this is where I wonder because it didn’t appear to bother the customer. I guess I’m neurotic, this would drive me insane. Serioulsy, am I the only one?? Comments are more then welcome because I need to know if I have a problem.



A male friend of mine hesitantly told me he got his first manicure/pedicure (someone took him without telling him where they were going). He is now hooked! Having nice looking hands and feet is not just a female privilege. Men shower, groom their hair, shave, so why the reluctance for the mani/pedi? Trust me, there is nothing worse then gross feet and it feels great!  I do see more and more men going and I admire those men, it shows me they are secure with who they are.

My boyfriend loves his pedicures and this is a guy that has a deer head mounted on the wall (which, by the way, I will take down when I move in).