I don’t know. I don’t know

Sometimes the Prop 8 articles are confusing to me…maybe I’m alone. But this one yesterday kind of made me laugh and was easy to understand…this Cooper dude is clueless (like most backers of Prop 8).

A federal judge challenged the backers of that damn Prop 8 to explain this simple question- How allowing gay couples to wed threatens conventional unions?

Judge Walker speaking to Lawyer Charles Cooper (backing prop 8)-

Walker“What is the harm to the procreation purpose you outlined of allowing same sex couples to get married?

Cooper“I don’t know. I don’t know”.

Walker went on asking for specific “adverse consequences” that could follow expanding marriage to include same sex couples.

Cooper cited a study from the Netherlands where gay marriage is legal, showing that straight couples were increasingly opting to become domestic partners instead of getting married.

Walker – “Has that been harmful to children in the Netherlands? What is the adverse effect?”

CooperI don’t have the facts at hand.

In January Mr. Cooper needs the answers to all these questions for the trial of the couple challenging the measure of Prop 8 as discriminatory under the U.S Constitution.

I never thought I would be agreeing with a Prop 8 backer but Mr. Cooper is right when he answered “I don’t know. He doesn’t know because there is NO HARM.

(taken from the Associated Press)


“My Husband”

I was pleasantly surprised last night while watching the final “Millionaire” show. Regis asked the gentleman contestant,” who do you have in the audience with you tonight” and the contestant answered “my husband”. A smile immediately came to my face as I thought “good for you”. You just don’t hear that on T.V that often…unless you are watching a sitcom or the Ellen show.  When he said those 2 words “my husband” it just seemed so natural for him that I was hoping all the “yes on Prop 8ers” would see that too.

I know the Daily Dalia goes on and on about Prop 8 and I will continue to until all people in this country truly are considered “equal”. I don’t think I’m asking too much.

C’mon Lucky Seven

Most parents think of their children as all equal. Today the state Supreme Court will decide if my 2 sons are equal; can you imagine someone telling you that about your children.

Last November 5th, the day after the dreaded prop 8 election, my son and I cried on the phone together. He told me he felt like a second class citizen just because he is gay. I was devastated that morning; I never thought people would be that ignorant. On that morning my son, along with millions of other people, were told they were not equal to a person like me; they could not marry someone of the same sex. My son took his tears and turned them into a passion to fight for his rights. This morning hopefully the state Supreme Court will show how supreme they really are and finally put a stop to the evil of prop 8. Seven justices will decide if I can someday attend a wedding in honor of my gay son. They have given me permission to attend my straight sons wedding so what’s the problem here. I used to work for a caterer and was witness to all the arguing that would go on in the planning of a couple’s wedding day. These people were fighting about trivial things like food, number of guests and flavor of the cake. Seems silly doesn’t it.

Forget about the fat lady, it’s not over till the gay person weds. No matter what decision is made (I believe they have 90 days) we will never give up. I will be “mother of the groom” at both my sons’ weddings (if they choose to marry).

Clinton Disappoints

San Diego Skyline...Boycott Manchester Hyatt

San Diego Skyline...Boycott Manchester Hyatt

If you have visited my site before you may notice I have a new look today. Everyone is throwing around the “reinvent” word so I will use that too…I am reinventing my blog.  Or I could say that since yesterday was President’s day I felt with the new regime in the White House I was inspired to give myself a new look. But honestly I get bored easily and wanted a change, hope you like it.

But speaking of Presidents, one in particular has moved from someone I liked to someone who is now on my shit list; President Clinton. This past weekend Clinton was in San Diego giving a speech at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, a hotel which the owner gave $125,000 to support Prop 8, trying to ban gay marriage in California. There were about 200 protestors there and Clinton crossed the line. This man has said in the past he is against Prop 8…his actions speak much louder than his word. I was looking for a room last year to stay in the San Diego area and was offered a free room at this Hyatt but there was no way in hell I would have stayed there. I was so disappointed in Bill…this was much worse than the Monica thing.

We cannot forget about Prop 8, just because it is not “fresh news” it is still something that has to be fought for as hard as day one. I still don’t understand in the year 2009 how we can still argue the fact of equality for all…it baffles me.

My Year in Review

 It’s New Years Eve and I wanted to tell people/situations the thought’s I had.

Barack – Good luck; I wish you the best in your new position.

Palin – Go away…you too Miley C.

Bush – Good Riddance

Gas – You finally came to your senses now hover for a while.

Cher – Why did you have to cancel on me?

Prop 8 – Do not think for a minute you have won, you are messing with the wrong people.

Economy – I think we have learned our lesson; can we all come out of the corner now?

Britney – Always remember; act your age, not your shoe size.

OJ – Karma wins.

AIG – Did my party invitation get lost in the mail?

Starbucks – Are you still thriving with now only ONE on every block?

Hillary – If you can’t beat em, join em.

Madonna – You can thank Gloria Steinem, now pay up.

Circuit City – See what happens when I write a disgruntled letter about the company.

Ellen and Portia – I’m very happy for you, keep all those gifts, you will stay married!

Michael Phelps – Sorry but I think you’re a tad overrated.

2008- I’m glad your over and I’m hoping your successor is more promising.

Would anyone like to add to my list?

More examples…

The election is over, back to a topic I always like to bring to people’s attention…subliminal messages that should be changed.

This one was noticed by my manfriend’s 12 year old daughter…she had to use the restroom in a restaurant and was bothered by what was on the doors. The men’s room said “surfer” and the women’s room said “surfer girl”.  She asked me why it couldn’t say “surfer dude” and “surfer girl”…why is it that the women’s room needed the girl and the men’s was fine with just surfer (and yes, she surfs). You have to admit, she has a point. Maybe we should just stick to the Women’s Room and the Men’s Room.

Then later that day we went to a graveyard and I happened to notice a grave where a husband and wife were buried and they had a joint tombstone. On her side it said “Wife of John Smith”…on his side it did not say “Husband of Mary Smith”. It all goes back to addressing a woman as Mrs. John Smith. If a woman is going to be known as property to her mate then it should go both ways…let the man be known as property of his mate.

We can never, ever stop bringing up these wrong doings no matter how small we or anyone else think they are. I want this 12 year old girl to know she is a surfer…not a surfer girl. Equality…hmmm, what a concept (and that goes for everyone…hint hint, stupid Yes on Prop 8 people). Sorry, I just had to get that in!


Last week I saw The Secret Life of Bees (a very good movie, read more under Reviews) but there was one part in the movie, which takes place in the early 60’s, where the African American character is going to the movies and he has to enter through the “colored” door and sit in a segregated section. Although I knew these kind of things happened it still took me back, I was almost embarrassed that they did take place and thought I’m so glad times are better (not perfect but better). I am not African American but I felt really sad thinking of having to use a separate door.

I am also not gay but I get really sad thinking of Prop 8 possibly passing. Anyone living in California knows what I am talking about. At this moment everyone (of age) in this state has the right to legally get married…Prop 8 will take that right away from gay people. Like the African American people being forced to enter using a “colored” door this is just as embarrassing to me, gay people not being able to enter the door to their wedding ceremony. Just because I am heterosexual, I should not have more rights.

Two weeks from tomorrow vote NO on prop 8. Take 1 minute and 5 seconds out of your busy life and watch…