Cell Phone Karma

A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook…I see it’s 3 years old and yet I have never seen this…how can that be? I need to know everything about rude cell phone usage since it is by biggest pet peeve in life. And now I’m happy to know of the phrase “cell phone karma”. If this is true (and I hope it is) there are a lot of people going down… Wha ha ha ha!!!


My Hero Hugh

Anyone who reads the Daily Dalia (which everyone should daily…hence the name) knows how I feel about rude cell phone usage. Well, I absolutely LOVED this story in the paper about Hugh Jackman. Apparently while he was acting in his Broadway play “A Steady Rain” a cell phone went off and he was not happy…can you blame him. Breaking character Hugh stops and says “You want to get that” (the audience cheered). The ringing PERSISTED so Hugh says “Come on, just turn it off”. He then paces the stage and waited for the ringing to stop.

What are people thinking?? I’m sure in the beginning they asked everyone to silence there cell phone. Oh, wait…now they have to add “and no texting” also. For some strange reason people think that texting is not annoying. In a dark theater a bright screen is a joy, especially when they are sitting right in front of you!

I’m just hoping more people start speaking up like Hugh and yes, embarrass people for their rudeness of speaking on their cell phones in inappropriate places. C’mon America…get on the Hugh Jackman bandwagon!! Kudos to you Hugh!!!


Best of Gripes

I love my gripe tab; it’s a way of blowing off steam for at least the time it takes to type the gripe. Here a list of some of my favorites and their authors. Gripes are in the eye of the beholder and I happen to agree with each one of these. Feel free to add your gripe.

When two or more people stop to talk to each other in a small hallway or doorway– Justin

When someone is walking in an inconsistent line on the sidewalk in front of you, so that you can never pass because they keep going in front of you. –xpressyrsf


When someone tries to tell me American Gladiators is real….come on bro that show is so staged it reminds me of The Hills.- Hills Local

People who don’t RSVP in a timely fashion. Are you coming or not????Are you waiting for something better to come your way???- stuckn70s

When telemarketers call your personal cell # -Minda

Your hair dresser never getting it right ! – denville

Two people walking slowly side-by-side on a narrow sidewalk…..Single file up morons, I’ve got places to be and while I appreciate your relaxed pace, you should respect my desire to get by and not flip me attitude when I politely say “excuse me”. –kneedragger

When people are late and do not apologize or even acknowledge their lateness!!!!!!!!!!!! – Me

What will it take

I need to go back in time

I need to go back in time

The other day I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and with 20 minutes left in the movie at an important part something unthinkable happened. Have you guessed yet, yes, a cell phone rang.  But the story does not end there; this person actually answered her phone and had a conversation in a normal talking voice. We were on the other side of the theater so we did not want to yell across “are you freaking kidding”. Although there were only about 8 other people in the theater no one said anything to her that was sitting nearby. This was another thing that amazed me, were my manfriend and I the only people that thought this was the epitome of rude? How could everyone just sit there and let her get away with this. I had a slight cold that day and knew I may cough so I brought hot tea, cough drops and a scarf so I could muffle my coughs if they did occur. Yes, I may be the other extreme but I did not want to ruin anyone else’s movie experience.

The other day I was in a sub shop and they had a sign at the counter asking not to talk on your cell phone. I told the woman making my sandwich how I loved her sign. She said this one person was actually talking on the phone telling the person about the sign and laughing. What is wrong with society, it really does sadden me.

A while back I had a post on rude cell phone usage but this woman I believe went beyond rude. I really can’t fathom what kind of person would do this. Are they evil, are they oblivious to the world and do not know that you don’t talk in a movie theater or was she just an ass. And why wouldn’t anyone close to her say something, are people afraid to speak up? Am I just easily distracted; my manfriend did lose 5 minutes of the movie and later asked me what had happened. What is it going to take to stop rude cell phone usage because my frustration with this matter is getting worse?

People, once again, let me tell you-

When in the public and speaking on your phone, talk low…do you understand that…TALK LOW. You do not have to yell so everyone around can hear your life story; we do not want to know what you did last night.

Do not talk in a movie theater; I do not think an explanation is needed here.

If you find you must talk loud because the other person cannot hear you, take it outside.

When your phone rings, it’s not the law that you have to answer it. You have the option to call back at a later time when you won’t be bothering people.

It’s a Wonderful Life?

I found this heading comical in the paper yesterday “psychiatrists argue over what’s normal”. Honestly, what is normal, is anyone really normal, and is that not an opinion? The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is about 3 years away from publication but there are major debates going on now. One question being, is compulsive shopping a mental problem, oh no, I might be shopping for a straight jacket.  Another example is binge eating which is “tentative” category at the moment. Some say binge eating can be a normal behavior and you may run the risk of labeling people with a disorder they don’t even have. Transgender people are also divided about their place in the manual, some want it and some do not.

What it really boils down to I think is insurance, this book helps doctors make a diagnosis and provides insurance companies with codes without which the insurers will not reimburse patient’s claims for treatment. Honestly I think anyone who asks for therapy should be granted that right with insurance. In the long run a lot of money could be saved in court costs, jails, etc.

I guess what intrigued me about this article was the word “normal”.  In my eyes rude cell phone usage people are all not normal and they should have a code in this new book so they can go to therapy and learn that the world does not revolve around them and their conversation.

Yada, Yada, Yada

I actually think something has surpassed my annoyance with cell phones although it is definitely related… the Bluetooth. It boggles my mind how people don’t care how stupid they look talking into the air, it’s like you have an imaginary friend with you. I was at lunch with my manfriend yesterday and he saw a woman he knows and proceeded to talk to her…she was talking but nothing made sense to what he was saying…yes, she was on her Bluetooth. At least try to motion somehow that you are on a Bluetooth (she never did, we had to figure it out). Then I saw another woman on her obnoxioustooth and the server thought she was talking to him…he brought her food but she gave him no acknowledgement or even a “thank you”…you could see he was confused and wasn’t sure who she was talking to. Then the other day I was talking to someone directly, in person, and he wasn’t answering me because he thought I was on a Bluetooth…see how confusing this all is.  Why has the “talking” become such an important thing in life? More people should learn how to just be quiet sometimes. And if you hear most of these conversations they are stupid and unimportant. How can you not hear them because rude people YELL when they talk. If I had to choose between a rudeness of either people talking loud into a phone or into the air…I would opt for the phone.

I don’t know, the world is getting weird.

I got it…Cell Booths

I know the subject has been beaten to death but we MUST stop rude cell phone usage…do Hillary or Barack have a platform on this subject?
I am literally going to go insane if people continue to talk LOUD on their phones. Tell me, what has changed, back in the good ole days when people would go into these private booths and close the door behind them so no one could listen to their conversations. Now I hear more about people’s sex lives, medical problems, plans for the evening, etc. then I prefer to know. I have left stores because I can’t take it. I purposely let these loud mouths see me holding my ears as they rant on but of course, they are oblivious. My boyfriend recently went to the movies and he said the girl in front of him texted throughout the movie with her bright cell phone light glaring (even texting can be rude). And then if you say something YOU are considered the bitch instead of the other person being rude.
DOES ANYONE HAVE THE ANSWER or am I just going to become a recluse?