October 31st


Jamie Lee Curtis starring in Halloween

Today is Halloween, just in case you see someone dressed especially odd, this is probably the reason. I just checked Wikipedia and saw that many countries do celebrate this day, most commonly in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, and at times in parts of New Zealand. C’mon, that’s kind of interesting. I wonder if everyone has the same rules…here are my top 10 that I think should be international.

1.       You must have a costume…no costume, no candy.

2.       You must actually say the words “trick or treat”…you don’t just stand there not uttering a word.

3.       You say “thank you” after candy is received.

4.       Age limit should be 3-13 years old.

5.       Trick or Treating times should be around 5-9 p.m

6.       Parents, do not allow your kids to wear sexy costumes.

7.       Houses, if you shop sales you can get the good candy at the same price as the crappy candy not on sale.

8.       Kids, if you happen to get crappy candy, do not retaliate; remember we are in a recession.

9.       Parents, I know it may be cold but don’t make your kids wear coats over their costume!

10.   Last but not least, map out your route in advance figuring out the most homes with the least amount of walking. This night of endless candy comes once a year, you don’t want to waste any precious time.

If anyone can think of a rule I forgot, please share. Everyone have a fun night and when you start your trading tomorrow with your friends or siblings, be smart!! Do not let your big brother try to trade a Smarites for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!