Superbowl Sunday

Believe it or not I am aware of the fact that this Sunday is the Superbowl. If you know me or the Daily Dalia then you know I am not a sports fan, especially football. I wrote in my yesterday’s post how I don’t like when things are dragged out…the game is football! The fact that it takes an hour to play 4 minutes is insane, my patience wears as thin as Cher was in the 70’s (don’t you just love when I get her name in).  I did go to one San Diego Charger game…ONE. First let me tell you why I went…my son played flag football in the 7th grade and was tackled by some kid and he broke both his wrists. Yes, this is another reason why I detest the game…uh…doesn’t the flag mean you grab that and not tackle? Well the coach felt bad and got the family 4 tickets to see the Chargers play (could he not have called Walt for some Disney tickets instead). We did not stay the entire game; I believe at least ½ of us were ready to leave from boredom. My beef is that a play takes 2 seconds and then the time out is like 10 minutes. And some fans are a little too rambunctious for me…its football people.

I used to enjoy the Superbowl when I worked as a bookkeeper at a sports bar, Hennessey’s Tavern and I would run the pool; that is what brought me enjoyment, winning money! So this Sunday I will not be watching the game, honestly I don’t even know who is playing. My Superbowl is coming soon…Feb.22nd.


My money is on Obama…not the NFL

According to the S.D Union Tribune we should “forget about sagging home values and the rising local unemployment rate because the Chargers – despite a shaky start – are still likely a playoff team”. WHEW…boy, that sure does put my mind at ease. After reading that article I don’t care if Obama becomes president…just as long as the Chargers win! Wait… damn…they lost Sunday, back to supporting Obama!

Are they kidding, I found this article to be one of the most ridiculous things I have read. They state, “A successful NFL team can lift the per capita personal income of people living in that city by $100 a year”, big shit. What an insult to anyone facing a foreclosure, actually it’s an insult to anyone with a brain; they are belittling our country’s situation.  They also say how fans become more confident when their team is winning and then they are more apt to spend money which will boost the economy. Maybe that holds some truth when our country is “normal” but I would have to argue that theory when we are in a recession. Yes, maybe they are spending more money on beer at the stands or Charger souvenirs but I doubt they are going house hunting.  

If watching a football game brings you happiness then by all means, watch but please don’t insult our intelligence and lead us to think that if your home team goes to the playoffs that everything will be coming up roses.