Don’t hate me because I’m hot

p1000111I live in a small town in San Diego County and yesterday it hit about 83 degrees. My manfriend tells me that Fargo’s high was about -10…almost a 100 degree difference between 1870 miles. I’m not bragging, we have our share of ordeals we have to deal with here; fires, earthquakes and Britney Spears to name a few. I heard some towns yesterday got to like -40 degrees. Is there a certain degree where you just don’t feel any colder, I mean once you hit 100 degrees I don’t think I would sweat anymore. I remember my days living in NJ when it would get cold my nose hair would freeze; ahhhh, the good old days! I don’t do well now being cold; they say my blood has thinned since living here. All I know is that I would much rather be too hot then too cold.

There are some things I miss about the cold or maybe I should say snow. Building a snowman and sleigh riding were high on my list, now I have to drive about 1.5 hours to get to snow. Kids out here don’t get snow days; the most awesome feeling was listening to the radio waiting for them to say your school’s name. When it was announced it was probably what it would feel like now if I were to see my six numbers announced in the lottery! There’s just something about that brisk sensation you get when you’re out in the cold; maybe that is why East Coast people have more energy and West Coast people are more laid back.

I did take a couple of shots yesterday to help all the cold people in the world warm up. Let me know how cold it is where you are, is your nose hair freezing?




The Chargers…an antibiotic?

I always cringe at these titles on the front pages of newspapers (obviously depending on where you live the name would differ) “Chargers give hope amid the gloom”. Yes we made it to the playoffs but we are still in a recession and I still can’t find a job. I don’t think the Chargers or any other freaking football team is going to change this, it’s still gloom.  Mr. Canepa actually writes “if it wasn’t apparent before these became times that try our souls and 401K’s, it should now. The Chargers matter. The Chargers are important.”  Did this guy just compare my dwindling 401K account to a hopeful foot ball team…I hope not.  Then he goes on to say “and they (Chargers) matter to folks who’ve never attended a game, to many of those who’ve never read a sports page. Fans can’t cheer the zoo. They can’t take out their frustrations on Shamu”. Who is this guy that knows what matters to me? And yes, I can cheer the zoo…I love the zoo! Go Shamu!!!

Why do so many sports people have this mentality? I can see enjoying a sports game but his words go overboard. He says,” The Chargers are an antibiotic. Not a cure-all by any means, but something to stir what passion we have left in our pot”.  An antibiotic, is he serious. There can be a million things that an individual could claim as an “antibiotic” like a good movie, Disneyland, a walk in the park but I don’t ever see front page articles on these.

I hate to keep quoting this guy but his words amazed me. The Chargers have “threatened” to leave San Diego if they do not get a new stadium built for them. My buddy Mr. Canepa also said in this article “If they do so, what’s left of the morale in this city could be found with the rest of the sewage at the mouth of the Tijuana River. Those who would like them to leave would be able to tell the difference in the autumn air they breathe”.  My mouth hung wide open trying to figure out that one. My morale along with many others will be just fine.

My parting words…You can like sports but don’t put them up high on the pedestal of life. Save that for the important things.

Move over Sex and the City…

There’s a new sheriff in town.  San Diego recently “wowed” some out of town architects at this years design awards program, put on by the American Institute of Architects. In the words of Rod Kruse (architect) “San Diego is the new sexy”.  I don’t exactly know what that means but I’m ready to audition for the new movie (being a San Diego resident). I haven’t seen the recent movie or the TV show but I want to play Sarah Jessica’s role…she seems to be the coolest of all! What is a sexy city, (according to architects) I read the entire article and it really didn’t explain. The term “remarkable” was used several times which makes sense but I still don’t get the “sexy” part? The architect who made the statement was from Kansas City…is that a clue? I know this isn’t earth breaking news but curiosity got the best of me (my nickname is Curious Georgina)! Any architects out there?