Size it up

Last time you went to the bathroom did you notice something different? It is not your imagination, I have just learned that Georgia Pacific has sliced half an inch…let me repeat that…a half of an inch of its width off its Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper. The trick is they do not want to raise the price so they made their squares smaller (for all you Seinfeld fans, now you definitely cannot spare a square). Wait, there is more! Skippy peanut butter jars have gone from 18 ounces to 16.3 with the help of a dimple jutting up from the bottom of the jar…you wouldn’t think to turn your peanut butter upside down. I wonder if Welch’s Jelly is doing the same so you will have an even amount for your P&J sandwich.  Now when I food shop it takes me longer because I read the labels even closer than I did before. Don’t be fooled by sale signs, you have to go one step further and read the per ounce price. I do know that although gas prices are going down food prices are still out of control. It’s funny because lately I have felt like I have grown a few inches, but now I know it’s just all the items in the store getting smaller.

Speaking of shopping I have to share this quick story. I was in Pier One this past weekend and when I walked in the greeter said “hello” and then she asked “what brought you in today”. I would love to have seen the look on my face. What brought me in today…I really don’t even remember my response because I just thought it was the dumbest question. I even said to my manfriend “I have to remember that one for the DD”.

So in conclusion, this Thanksgiving check how many ounces are in that can of Cranberry Sauce, you may need to buy an extra one so you have enough for everyone. And if you go to Pier One be prepared and have a sarcastic answer ready for their “what brought you in today”. Any suggestions?


Food for thought

With the cost of food rising I recommend you take that extra minute to compare prices before just grabbing what has a sale sign in front of it and throwing it into your cart. That one cereal on sale for $3.19 may be more expensive ounce for ounce then the other cereal not on sale for $3.59, remember that packaging is getting smaller. You can actually look at the sale sign (in small print) to see what you are paying per ounce which is a big help. I know there are just a few items that I just have to have that particular brand (like Heinz ketchup) but mix it up and try something new (and cheaper)! I wonder if that’s why the supermarkets keep the temperature so freaking cold, they don’t want us to take the time to comparison shop. And the biggest factor in saving money at the supermarket…leave the kids at home!