In the news…

Tell me it is so  – I read the other day that they are delaying the switch from analog to digital until June and the first thing I thought was ‘oh crap, I still have to hear those damn commercials that I have been hearing for almost a year”. They were saying how people were not going to be ready for this switch. What the hell have they been doing since a year ago? How can they not be ready, were they just procrastinating. Then I read the switch is back on as scheduled…sweet! Sorry Obama, I know you pushed for the delay but c’mon, let’s get on with it. This is why I stopped watching soap operas, I have the kind of personality that if something drags on and on I just want it to finally stop!

Tell me it isn’t so – Then I read that Angelina Jolie will not be returning as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. I remember back when I first saw that movie, I knew nothing of the video game based character but I liked Angelina so I watched. I thought she was so great; her character was a strong, smart woman who was also very sexy even when totally clothed; now that is a great role model for a girl.  I don’t recall a part in either of the movies where she was running from the bad guys and then tripped, God I hate when Hollywood does that. Can we have the guy trip just once? Sorry, got off track there. Anyway, I hope her replacement continues on as superbly as Angelina did and refuses to trip if it is in the script.


Lesson Learned

I was shopping at Albertson’s supermarket this past week and overheard a statement I wanted to share with everyone. A mom was shopping with her two children, twin boy and girl age 6. I heard the mom say to her son “just because it is too heavy for you doesn’t mean it’s too heavy for a girl. Don’t tell her that”.  They were near the milk so I assumed they were speaking of a gallon of milk.

I just loved the fact she pointed that out to him and at a young age because it is at young ages that kids are most impressionable. It’s also very important that the girl heard this because if she didn’t, her whole life she may never try to do something that a man cant. She may assume things that are not true about her. Yes, it is only a gallon of milk in the supermarket but that is where it starts. I applaud the mother for not just letting that comment slip by.  

Happy Mother’s Day Mom’s!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day…Happy Day to all Mother’s! I have mixed emotions about this day. On one hand I have 2 awesome sons who greatly acknowledge my efforts on trying to be the best mom I know how, I thank them for that. On the other hand I have a mother who won’t speak to me (and I know I’m not alone on this one, many others share my situation). Instead of looking at the negative I will think of the positive! When I was very young she had NOW meetings (National Organization for Women) at our house. For this and her many other ways of teaching me how to be a strong, independent woman, I thank her.