Parenting 101 once again

I don’t go to a lot of kids movies but the last two weekends I have seen UP and Night at the Musuem: Battle of the Smithsonian. At the one movie the couple actually toted in a baby/toddler in an infant seat. I’m sorry, if your child is in one of those seats they are too young for a movie and they are not watching it…you are. If that child were to remain quiet throughout the movie then you are fine but it NEVER happens. The kid crys and I have to hear the parent constantly say “shhhhhh” and try to quiet him down. Then at the other movie the parents brought 2 children; one an infant and the other about 2. AGAIN…both were acting up and they did escort the infant out but left the other to whine throughout.

And don’t even comment that I should expect that at a kid’s movie and I should deal with it. No, what I do expect at a kids movie is maybe someone yelling out things here and there like “Mommy…why did he just do that” (I heard that this weekend). But whining and crying is not accepted and you should IMMEDIATELY leave when that happens. What I don’t understand is how a parent can actually continue to sit there…OMG, are they oblivious to the world. Have they not been taught common courtesy?

My plea…summer is here; it’s kid time. Parents; just because a person is a young age it does not give them the right to be obnoxious, rude, disrespectful and just plain bratty. You have to control them, it is your job. I know we are in a recession but this is one job you were not laid off from. It continues until they leave home!!! At the movie theater, restaurant or any public place your child should be taught manners and how to behave. If you are too lazy then do us all a favor and you and the family stay home.


Pitch a tent in the backyard


I always feel after Memorial Day is over we are officially into the “summer” season (I know it really starts June 20th) but some colleges have already ended for the year and the stores have started selling “white” again! There is a new word that I recently learned that holds true for this particular summer, Staycation which refers to a holiday that takes place either at or near the home (damn gas prices).
There were a few other new words that came about in 2008 I liked-

Techorate – the integration of technology into the overall decorative theme of a home

 Ruralpolitan- is a professional who has abandoned the urban dwelling for a rural lifestyle and lives on three acres or more, typically within 40 miles of a city.

 Greenwashing – refers to companies and corporations that make green claims when their products or actions are anything but

 Swipeout When the magnetic strip on a credit card wears out due to use.

 IrritainmentA celebrity spectacle that, like a car wreck, you just can’t turn away from.

  So if you have to take a Staycation this summer don’t feel bad, instead be mature and think about sticking it to the gas stations, airlines and anyone else who is price gouging us!