Superbowl Sunday

Believe it or not I am aware of the fact that this Sunday is the Superbowl. If you know me or the Daily Dalia then you know I am not a sports fan, especially football. I wrote in my yesterday’s post how I don’t like when things are dragged out…the game is football! The fact that it takes an hour to play 4 minutes is insane, my patience wears as thin as Cher was in the 70’s (don’t you just love when I get her name in).  I did go to one San Diego Charger game…ONE. First let me tell you why I went…my son played flag football in the 7th grade and was tackled by some kid and he broke both his wrists. Yes, this is another reason why I detest the game…uh…doesn’t the flag mean you grab that and not tackle? Well the coach felt bad and got the family 4 tickets to see the Chargers play (could he not have called Walt for some Disney tickets instead). We did not stay the entire game; I believe at least ½ of us were ready to leave from boredom. My beef is that a play takes 2 seconds and then the time out is like 10 minutes. And some fans are a little too rambunctious for me…its football people.

I used to enjoy the Superbowl when I worked as a bookkeeper at a sports bar, Hennessey’s Tavern and I would run the pool; that is what brought me enjoyment, winning money! So this Sunday I will not be watching the game, honestly I don’t even know who is playing. My Superbowl is coming soon…Feb.22nd.