Text Addicts


Pretty soon there will be a new question asked when applying for medical insurance, after “do you smoke”…”do you text”. Seems like emergency rooms have daily visitors from texting according to James Adams, Northwestern’s chairman of emergency medicine. He says texters are more prone to facial injuries; they just don’t pay attention to where they are going. One woman says she walks with her hand out as to not bump into anything. One texter gives the advice of walking with your chin at a 45 degree angle. In London they are actually padding lampposts to cut down on injuries! Just sit for a moment, close your eyes and envision the streets of NY, the hustle and bustle of it. Then picture everyone walking, some with their hand out in front of them, some are bumping into cabs, lampposts & falling down stairs from not looking, some have the 45 degree angle going or some are talking out loud into the air with their Bluetooth. I see that as quite comical but again, nothing looks odd on the streets of NY.

FYI…I went away this weekend and my cell phone died early Saturday morning and I didn’t have my charger. I SURVIVED…yes you phone addicts, it is possible. I bet more people would opt for eating live spiders then going without their cell phones.


In the words of Led Zeppelin…

I am dazed and confused. I just read the new laws regarding cell phone usage while driving (starts July 1st) and it states I can’t use my hand held phone to speak but I can use it to text? Am I missing something here, can you now text by speaking the letters you want typed out loud and your phone responds? I’m not a “texter” but I may have to reconsider because I don’t like those Spock ear headsets. For all those people out there that ruined it for the responsible car cell phone users, well, lets just say I’m mad!! Just don’t start singing irresponsibly because if they take that away from me my words wont be so nice!