Useless Information

Sending your kids off to college is just around the corner…I hope you didn’t choose Penn State University. Penn is now the #1 party school (according to The Princeton Review which is not affiliated with Princeton University) taking the title away from University of Florida. So is it basically students consider this title when searching and parents try to stay away? Well parents, if that is the case then you will want to send your kids to Brigham Young University; they won the “Stone-Cold Sober” school.  This school has won this honor 12 straight years in a row…way to go Utah! Is this a Mormon thing?

Honestly this whole contest is ridiculous; it’s like those dumb “prettiest girl, cutest couple, most likely to succeed, best smile”, etc. contests you see in your year book. It is all a popularity contest and nothing more. I mean how do you rate the top party school…count how many kegs are bought each year or see how many hangovers are reported to the school nurse? Then I read “it’s a badge of honor” and that kids want to pump up their school. Well, I guess if that’s what you want to be known for??

Well if anyone takes this survey seriously here are the top 10. Notice only one on the West Coast being UCSB (my son graduated from where and he was not a big partier).

  1. Penn State University, Pa
  2. University of Florida, Fla
  3. University of Mississippi, Miss
  4. University of Georgia, Ga
  5. Ohio University, Ohio
  6. West Virginia University, W. Va
  7. University of Texas, Texas
  8. University of Wisconsin, Wis
  9. Florida State University, Fla
  10. University of California Santa Barbara

Congratulations Graduates

June is the big month for graduations so I just want to say “Congratulations” to all the graduates of 2008! In a way I consider myself a graduate…I just quit my job and am moving on to the unknown: a new town, a new family, a whole new life! Although there is no degree involved (definition of a graduate- to pass from one stage of experience, proficiency, or prestige to a usually higher one) I feel like I too, should be wearing a cap and gown. I, like the academic graduates, are all hoping for a bright future.  

On a personal note, my baby (yes, I know he hates that reference but too bad, he is my youngest) will be graduating UCSB this weekend and I am so proud of him, along with my oldest who graduated from UCSD a few years back. They both put themselves through college which is the coolest thing they could ever do. The DD wants to take this moment to say “words will never describe how you both surpassed what I ever expected from you”.

Best wishes again to all graduates, both academic and people like me.

Boxing for Dummies

My college son informed me yesterday he protested an organized fight night at UCSB and the police came and escorted him and his friends out…that’s my boy (he told me on Mother’s day…what a gift)!
I don’t understand ultimate fighting / boxing popularity, can someone please explain. I would have to think when aliens are visiting us they report back to their leader saying we are more barbaric then they ever thought! If I had to say one thing I like about this “sport”, I LOVE when Vegas gets all riled up for a big fight, advertising is out of control, people spend mega bucks on tickets or to have it play on their cable station and the fight is over in a matter of minutes.
Now that is glory!