Isn’t the ugly dress bad enough…

Sometimes I read things and say to myself “you have got to be kidding” well here is a doozy…bridesmaids pre-nups. Some brides are now asking their bridesmaids to sign a legal document stating things such as:

  • I will take extra care of my hair, skin and nails in the run-up to the wedding.
  • I will not make advances towards any inappropriate male guests attending the reception.
  • I will not remove any item of my Bridesmaid outfit during the reception.
  • I will not attempt to out-do the bride in any way.

These people you ask to stand up for you…aren’t they supposed to be close family or friends, people who you are generally pretty close to and not some loser off the streets? And how come I didn’t read anything about groomsmen contracts…is it because women are more ridiculous when it comes to their wedding then men? All I know is if someone put this contract in front of me to sign, I don’t even know if I would attend this wedding as even a guest. To read the whole contract –




I now pronounce you, Broke

The big “R” word has now hit the wedding world…hallelujah! Brides and Grooms (or whoever is paying) are tightening the purse strings! Do we really need a flock of doves to be released at the church or do I want to be able to buy gas for the next couple weeks???
I detest that famous line “every girl dreams about their wedding day’, I didn’t and I enjoyed having only 20 people at the event. Weddings have gotten way out of control like most things in life. I admire Jenna Bush for her wedding; it was elegant but yet seemed quite simple for being the daughter of the president.
 I used to assist a caterer (that lasted about 2 months) and seeing the stress and fighting that families went through was just ridiculous, especially when the whole affair is over in 5 hours.
If I had to choose a word for the big day it would be quaint.