Mystery Solved?

 Last night I watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which first aired in 1964. I’m sure any true fan of this holiday classic has Googled “why is the doll on the Island of Misfits”. This has been a mystery for years, almost as big as how did Marilyn Monroe really die. What, you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, then you must be new to Rudolph. You see there is an Island of misfit toys, for example there is a Charlie in the Box…his name should be Jack. There is also a train with square wheels and a toy bird that swims instead of flies. Then there is this doll…I have examined her very closely even making sure her pig tails were the same length. I, along with everyone else, could not figure out why she was on this island.  It gets weirder…

According to Arthur Rankin (the show’s producer) the Misfit Dolly’s problem was psychological, caused when she was abandoned by her mistress and suffered depression from being unloved.  C’mon, did he really say that…according to the renowned Wikipedia, he did. Now I can see that happening if the show was made in today’s time but how insightful for Arthur to give her this problem back in the 60’s instead of something like her not being able to say Mama. He knew how messed up our world would eventually get.

If the show was produced today who would be on the Island of Misfits- can you add to my list

Xbox 350

Tickle me Elmo that cries

An ipod that keeps repeating the same song

Mr. Sweet Potato Head

A Scrabble game with all Z’s