What’s Cool

I have always said if you look up “cool” in the dictionary Cher’s photo would be there. She, to me, is the epitome of cool. Tell me what or who you think is cool.


60 Responses

  1. Cool is walking up to a door and it say’s whether or not to pull or push!

  2. Cool is Madonna going on tour during the second half of 2008! “Stick and Sweet” Tour.

    Cool is also her new album “Hard Candy” which is number one in the US and over 20 countries worldwide. “This sugar is raw!”

  3. Three letters DVR now that is COOL

  4. Cool is when stores use the bank line system…I always seem to pick the wrong line and this way is the fairest & fastest.

  5. HD TV, Hybrids, Iphones, SLR digital cameras, Joe Jackson, Zen, Solar Power, Apple Air, Wii, Hacienda De Vega, The Book California Romantica by Diane Keaton, Obama,

  6. Cool is CD’s sold in the recyclable packaging (no plastic)…they are soooooooooo easy to open!!

  7. Cool is my new header with a DAHLIA flower that my son found for me!!

  8. Cool is Cher’s quote when being interviewed about being on “Dancing with the Stars” (not cool, by the way):

    ” I dont want to do Dancing with the Stars… I’ve
    worked myself too hard and too long and tried to
    accomplish too much to be on Dancing with the Stars. I
    have a f**king Oscar, okay.”

  9. Cool is putting on a pair of pants and you find money in your pockets…even if it’s a dollar!!!

  10. Liquid Paper white out….real cool!

  11. Cool is Ellen being so happy she can finally marry Portia.

  12. Cool is May Sweeps…shows beef up content for ratings and their season finales.

  13. cool is throwing “the wave” at 160.

  14. Cool is Will Smith, I just saw him interviewed on Ellen and he really has it “together”!

  15. Cool is: Sarcasm with a hint of Enlightenment………… Abnoxious, right?

  16. And yes everyone, I know it is “Obnoxious”…..that’s part of the fun………

  17. Giving your two weeks notice.

  18. Sweet revenge is soooooooo cool!

  19. Cool is when your supermarket supplies sanitizing wipes at the entrance to clean your shopping cart handle.

  20. Your last day at work!

  21. The New hydrogen powered Honda you can lease in LA area

  22. When you FINALLY see that light at the end of the tunnel.

  23. Hitting the “LUCKY BRAND” store when they have their twice a year big sale!!!

  24. French presses for your coffee, witch hazel for your face, Valerian root for sweet dreams, nettie pot to chase away sinus blues

  25. Being on a motorcycle and having the ability to go AROUND speed bumps!

  26. Playing Hop Scotch as an adult…so cool (and fun too)

  27. To find not expired parking meter

  28. Cool is giving someone a compliment and seeing how happy it made them.

  29. cool is making someone feel better when there sad

  30. Fall is a “cool” season…I love the crispness in the air and the colors of the fall leaves.

  31. Cool is the month of October because they show every single scary movie made on T.V in preperation for Halloween. Scream, I Know What you Did Last Summer, Halloween, When a Stranger Calls, The Haunting, Final Destination, The Pit and the Pendulum, Psycho, The Shining, Carrie and more!

  32. you can’t forget “The Ring” – Hey Dalia that could be one of your “voting booth” Saturday specials

  33. Cher is going to be on the Ellen Show, Monday November 3rd. The day before Obama becomes president!

  34. Obama beting McCain…what can be any cooler then that!

  35. What’s cool is that my “What’s Cool” tab gets the most cliks then any other tab.

  36. Waiting for a car to pull out of a pretty decent parking spot and a better one opening up that you don’t have to fight for.

  37. Finally finding that “hard to find” Christmas present.

  38. When Christmas is over, all the gifts are paid for, the tree is down and you haven’t gained any weight!

  39. Seeing weather reports around the U.S in the winter and living in San Diego when it’s going to be 70 degrees this weekend 🙂

  40. Finally having a new president and a cool one too.

  41. Having a new First Lady and a cool one too.

  42. No matter what you do, making it look effortless is cool

  43. riding on the back of a harley with the coolest man i know(my gary)in the bad lands south dakota!
    seeing mnt rushmore with rascal flatts on the radio!
    just planing my trip to vegas for my 25th ann. in sept!!!!!!! now thats cool…….
    getting back intouch with my old friends…….

  44. Living in New Jersey and having 60 degree weather in February.

  45. Enlightening the world that autism isn’t a “bad” thing!

  46. Hey..getting people to listen with more than their ears..it should be a no brainer that people get hurt and its because others are not ‘hearing’ and responding to the real message that’s being sent..we could end wars by just listening y’know (and playing great music)

  47. Barack Obama waiving to me and my 2 sons from his motorcade..Denver..2/17/09

  48. Cool is having your 30th High School Reunion coming up and everyone is still excited about seeing each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. chating with my cool friend teri!!!!!!

  50. Cool is being at a register paying and remembering you have a store credit from a year ago.

  51. Cool is when you’re asked if your glass is half-full or half-empty
    and you reply, “It depends on what’s in the glass.”

  52. The day after your party and everything is all cleaned up.

  53. Cool is making a new friend that becomes family in an instant and she puts up with the “Outlaws” staying in the back yard!

  54. Looking for shells on the beach and double cool if you find some good ones!

  55. Dahlia Flowers

  56. cool is getting my own laptop for my birthday that no one else can use

  57. Cool is sharing…casey!

  58. cool is when casey isnt so selfish!

  59. Holiday Reese’s

  60. Dylan’s Candy Bar is way to cool

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